December 2018 Chapter Meeting

A Structural Engineer’s Perspective on Seismic Resilience: from building ratings to better building codes and retrofit ordinances

Speaker: Ryan Kersting, S.E. | Associate Principal | Buehler Engineering, Inc.

When: December 13, 2018 | 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Where: Buehler Engineering Inc. | 600 Q Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95811

The discussion will cover the latest industry trends in seismic resilience, including rating buildings for seismic performance in terms of safety, repair, and recovery using tools developed from years of FEMA-funded research, and will also focus on recent public policy efforts in California to improve the seismic resilience of our communities by considering development of better building codes and identifying potentially-vulnerable structures

Ryan Kersting, S.E., is an Associate Principal at Buehler in Sacramento and serves as the in-house technical expert on building codes, structural standards, innovative solutions, and emerging trends within the industry. He is passionate about seismic safety and high-performing structures and can effectively communicate those concepts in ways that clients and the public can understand. He has served on multiple technical and professional committees for SEAOC, ASCE, ATC, NEHRP, and other organizations and is dedicated to improving building performance and promoting the profession to the public. He routinely shares with the industry through presentations, design examples, and written papers. He is currently the chair of the SEAOC Legislative Committee, which was extremely active in partnering with the EERI Public Policy Committee during the latest California legislative cycle focusing on AB 1857 and AB 2681.