March 2017 Chapter Meeting

When: March 23, 2017 | 6 PM
Where: Kleinfelder, 2882 Prospect Park Dr. Suite 200, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Earthquake Strong Motion – Measurement to Analysis

Speaker: Anthony Shakal, PhD | California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program | California Geological Survey

The measurement of strong shaking during damaging earthquakes is critical to the improvement of structural resilience and to guiding post-earthquake emergency response. The CGS Strong Motion Instrumentation Program measures the strong motion of buildings, bridges, dams and ground response sites. CSMIP has developed an extensive network of 1300 stations, beginning after the damaging 1971 San Fernando earthquake, which includes 230 well-instrumented buildings (70 are hospitals), 80 bridges and 900 ground response stations (35 are downhole geotechnical arrays). For each structure and array the locations of the sensors are carefully planned. The strategies for planning instrumentation of each type of station, and of ground response sites, will be discussed. Once strong motion data is recorded, rapid recovery and analysis are valuable. The CSMIP automated data recovery, processing and analysis, followed by automated distribution through the Internet at www., revolutionizes the utility of strong motion information after an event. The postearthquake tools ShakeMap and ShakeCast are based on the automated availability of strong motion data, and they can be very useful response tools. Longstanding issues including the usable frequency band of data, and the paucity of data in the nearfield will also be discussed.